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Training Log-- Tim Rossi

Tim is the co-founder of the Lost Boys Track Club, and community organizer for Bandit Running Company. He began running in college, inspired to ambitious goals by a book. He writes regularly for Tempo Magazine, and has made it his life mission not just to walk the path of an elite athlete but to encourage, inspire, and celebrate others along their journey. 


What’s your ideal weekly training schedule?

Monday: 5-6 mi easy

Tuesday: 8x1000m (10k pace)

Wednesday: 5-6mi easy

Thursday: 5-6mi easy

Friday: 5-8mi tempo (marathon to half-marathon pace)

Saturday: 5-6mi easy

Sunday: 20mi 

“A big part of my weekly schedule is just being realistic with what’s feasible. That means I try to recognize life will get in the way eventually, and I want to build in a little flexibility because of that. I generally plan to run 7 days a week with one ‘flex-day’ (meaning I give myself the freedom to take a day off if work or life spirals and running becomes more of a stressor that day–ideally not the day before a workout). I shift between 2 workouts and a long run per week or 1 workout and 1 harder long run per week. Tuesday - Friday - Sunday or Wednesday - Saturday tends to be the split. Track on Tuesday, road stuff Friday, or a blend on Wednesday. Track stuff generally is 10k pace, road stuff typically HMP or slower.”

What’s your warmup or cool down routine?

“I’m not super specific, but it’s usually 2-4 miles depending on the workout (longer in long runs sometimes). I usually use the first rep of a workout to “warm into it” more, not a big strides guy though I should be. I also do 10-15 min of band work before running daily. Hips need it.”

Do you have any habits or extracurriculars that help your running?

“I used to powerlift in college and I stay connected to the strength stuff because I enjoy it. Do that very often, but more focused 2 times a week-ish (focused meaning addressing stuff specifically tied to running).”

Do you have any other hobbies, interests or habits unrelated to running? 

“I definitely have a life outside of running, but no specific massively time consuming hobby.”

Do you have a morning or an evening routine? If so, what is it?

“Morning routine is wake up, caffeine, bathroom, more caffeine as I do strength work, then run. Evening routine is ‘I need one but I don’t have one.’”

What are your favorite books, songs, movies, mantras, or other sources of inspiration?

Once a Runner always gets me amped to run. Transcend (the Wesley Korir doc) is an amazing running movie. Gladiator is fire. So is Batman. ‘Keep the Dream Alive’ is a personal mantra that’s bled into the Lost Boys Track Club.”

Who are your influences? 

“I try to get excited about what my peers and other people in the running world are doing. I look a lot at other crews and teams. I also look at skate culture, surf culture, other sports, trying to pull ideas from there.”