The Orange runner
The Orange runnerThe Orange runner


What is The Orange Runner?

The Orange Runner is a comic about running. It updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sometimes it glorifies how great running is, often it laments how boring it is, every now and then it will have a Norse god.

Is The Orange Runner you?

Kinda. He could be you, too. He’s every runner. He has a friend that he runs with. He has a girl that he likes. He has a mentor that coaches him, sort of. He wears orange a lot.


What’s with the orange?

I read a book when I first started running called “The Purple Runner.” It was terrible. I loved the cover illustration, though– a simply-drawn background with a runner wearing purple– and I decided that if I ever made a running comic I would call it “The Orange Runner” featuring simply-drawn backgrounds and a runner wearing orange.

Who are you, then?

Hi, I’m Luke. I went to the School of Visual Arts and majored in boxing. I started working at a running store after graduating and got into running. Somewhere along the way I started doodling about it and posting it to Instagram. I run a lot, I draw comics about running, and in my spare time, I read books about running. It’s terribly one-dimensional.


Seriously, what else do you do?

I watch the Ken Burns Baseball documentary on repeat. I like baseball, especially baseball cards. Sometimes I’ll do events where I draw portraits of runners as baseball cards. You can check out those events here. I also design apparel which you can find there, too.

Can we hire you?

Sure, just email me.