The Orange runner
The Orange runnerThe Orange runner


  • Shadowball

    This is a series of comics describing the time that Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson faced each other in the Negro League World Series

  • Turtle Journey

    This is a compilation of the runner's journey with the turtle, also called "Climbing the Mountain." It follows the runner and the turtle as they make their way to the mountain, climb it, experience setbacks, face monsters, and finally summit it. It is a metaphorical journey which can be applied to any endeavor, and follows the points outlined in The Elements of Training.

  • The Arctic Odyssey

    The Orange Runner has heard tales of an Inuit shaman-- a shaman so swift he can run across the sky in a single night, paced by his sled of caribou. Follow him as he runs from Arctic Bay, Nunavut, to the North Pole, and meet the spirits and stories that help him along the way.